Zoom Clone — Consider incorporating a new feature like Immersive View in your video conferencing app

2020 has brought many uncertainties where people in the nation have to follow social distancing. Such a situation has forced the majority of businesses to shift towards the digital space. Therefore, they have moved to the virtual workspace.

Skyrocketing demand for video conferencing app like Zoom

To ensure that the work has been done, the usage of video conferencing apps has been skyrocketed. The technology connects with video conferencing apps to offer a high-quality video and audio experience for both in-office and remote meeting attendees.

Considering this, companies see various benefits like clear communication, increased efficiency, meeting attendee engagement, and lots of opportunities to connect with people in various locations easily using video conferencing apps. Studies show that working remotely without seeing co-workers can be one of the causes of distraction.

Plenty of video conferencing apps is available in the market. They are suited to conduct virtual group meetings involving a large number of participants. But, it is hard to find the best video conferencing app that offers high-quality video withholding the capacity of more than hundreds of participants at once while conducting a group meeting.

Zoom is one of the most popular cloud-based video conferencing apps that is suitable for both businesses and personal individuals. It supports 1000 participants in a single session. The user-friendly interface makes the app more appealing to the users. The skyrocketing demand for video conferencing apps has inspired many startups and entrepreneurs to grab this viable opportunity and are keen on creating an app like Zoom.

Check out Zoom’s new feature, “Immersive View”

A new feature will allow all the participants in the conference room to share the same virtual background. Recently, Zoom has rolled out the Immersive View feature in which a meeting and webinar hosts can be conducted with 25 participants in a single session so that they can connect better virtually.

As mentioned earlier, more than millions of people preferring Zoom for work and socializing amid the pandemic. With the increase in the usage of Zoom, the concept of Zoom fatigue/anxiety has also increased. As Covid-19 vaccines have been rolled out worldwide, Zoom has come up with new features to support workplaces preparing for hybrid offices.

Zoom’s Immersive View feature is similar to the Together Mode feature in Microsoft Teams. This feature will let the participants virtually sit next to their fellow participants in a meeting. Here is how the participants can use the Immersive View feature.

For Zoom 5.6.3 or higher, this feature will be enabled automatically when users are conducting a meeting on a desktop. Notably, this feature is enabled by default for free and single pro accounts. The Immersive View option is available at the top-right corner. Then, the host can choose from one of the provided scenes where the concerned person can find layouts for groups of participants up to 25. Or else, they can create their own.

Yes, already mentioned, all the meeting participants will have the same virtual background. When they are using an older version, each participant in Gallery or Speaker View will have a black background. In the newer version with the Immersive View, the host can move the participants and resize their image. In case, the number of participants in the meeting exceeds 25, the additional participants will have appeared in a thumbnail strip on top of the shared screen.

Start with selecting exciting features for your video conferencing app

Features and functionality will be highlighted in the video conferencing app. It is not finished once the Zoom clone is launched as a fully-featured product in the market. You have to come with new features in the ever-changing market based on the users’ preferences. There are several benefits of using the Zoom clone script instead of creating an app from scratch. As the clone script is highly customizable, new & innovative features can be added at any time, even after app deployment.

Significant features to consider during Zoom like app development

The success of Zoom is customer satisfaction. They aim at providing quality service to the customers by offering innovative features. For instance, the Immersive View feature is one such advancement they have rolled out recently. Similarly, you can consider adding new features upon completing an in-depth analysis of your target audience, market, and competitors. While doing so, do not miss out on the essential features during Zoom like app development. A few of the recommended features are as follows.

  • The Video Preview feature will allow the users to check the camera before joining in on a video call. It is up to their wish to enable or disable this feature.
  • The File-Sharing feature in the video conferencing app will allow the users to share files during the virtual meeting. Therefore, make sure your app offers a secure platform to save and share important files.
  • Incorporating the Desktop Sharing feature is a key functionality that facilitates the users to connect from remote locations and share the content on their screen to other users during an online meeting.
  • The Recording feature is beneficial for many reasons. Users can save the meeting recordings on the cloud or locally on their device. You have to ensure that you provide storage for the meeting recordings.
  • The Live Streaming feature will let specific users live stream video to a particular group in real-time. From a business context, live streaming conferences to a large group of users will be helpful.
  • When there is a virtual meeting among large gatherings, the Virtual Hand-raising feature enables the users to convey as they wish to speak right now.


Zoom has set its benchmark among various video conferencing apps. Still, there are huge opportunities for new players to occupy this space with the Zoom clone app. Moreover, consider incorporating user-friendly features in your app to withstand the heavy competition.

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