UberEats Clone’s newly-advanced features for your delivery business

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If you inspect to know the number of successful businesses in the on-demand industry, you will definitely come across the food delivery service. The revenue that this business generates is expanding, and even many reports have revealed that the growth is high futuristically. As of now, the demand and requirements are higher than expected, which certainly made new entrepreneurs and investors get into the development.

If you are not aware of the food delivery development but in a great need to start one, this blog will help you know about the basics of the app. However, the competition is high; you still have enough space to fill in the industry. You just have to incorporate the best features with an easily controllable system to achieve success in a short span.

Choosing an UberEats clone will be beneficial when looking to select the best business model. The company has some unique set of features to help their delivery partners excel. Some of the features that UberEats clone have are listed below,

Top Features of the app solution:

Easy registration:

The driver and the user can easily log in and register by entering the required details like email, phone number, and other information. The admin will thoroughly verify all details through a thorough screening process. You can also provide easy registration via social media profiles.


This feature helps the driver to reach the rider’s location on the estimated time. Moreover, it helps the driver to view the routes without traffic and other barricades, enabling him/her to reach without taking any wrong ways. The heat map is also incorporated into the app to show the demandable location in order to help increasing their salary.

Online & Offline Mode:

The online and offline mode option aids the driver to display their availability option. Doing this can prevent unnecessary cancellation of the rides and develops the service quality.

Track Your Earnings:

Drivers can easily view his earning details through the app. This report will be automatically updated so that he/she can keep a record of his earnings.

Tipping Option:

The tipping option integrated into the driver app will aid him/her to earn more from the service. This acts as the motivation for the driver to produce quality service to their end-customers.

Trips & Pickup:

This feature helps the driver to learn more about the trip acceptance, trips completed, total fare, etc. Through this, both the user and the driver can gain enough info about the ride service.


This feature allows the user to know about the trip details in the movement, i.e., in real-time. This can help people wait patiently during their waiting time, thereby increasing the performance of the service.

Rating System:

Both the user and the driver can rate their experience about the quality of service received and given. This can help the drivers to increase their performance as well as bookings.

On the whole, the app will be easy to use and reliable and can help your business scale in a short period. If you want to lead a successful business, you need to approach a developing partner like Uberlikeapp. They give you the best UberEats clone ap with required business necessities. Contact them today.

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