Embrace the indispensable features in the Zoom clone app

Amid the pandemic, people mostly heard words like social distancing and lockdown. They stayed indoors and worked from home. Adopting the new normalcy, they shifted to video conferencing apps for business meetings to interact with their team members virtually. There is no surprise that a video conferencing app like Zoom becomes more popular among business people within a few days. And, Zoom is one of the most downloaded apps from the Google Play Store during the lockdown.

As Zoom is a video conferencing app, it will let people conduct meetings or sessions through video and audio calls. Apart from business meetings, this app is also preferred in various sectors such as education, religion, sports, government sectors, and so on. Additionally, people use this app to have a video chat with their friends and family members.

A Zoom like app can be developed using the Zoom clone script as it is an economical and cost-effective solution. One of the major benefits of using this app is that it is 100% customizable with multiple features. Make sure to collaborate with a trustworthy mobile development company for Zoom like app development.

Incorporating essential features in the Zoom clone app

While developing the Zoom clone app, you have to consider some features and functionalities to make your app compete with other video conferencing and succeed in your business. Adding advanced features makes your app unique. Despite this, you should not miss adding the required features. Below are the most important features that a video conferencing app like Zoom must possess.


Ensure that your app registration process is simple as users who install the app feel it more convenient to sign up with the app. You have to give both manual and automatic registration. It is up to the user’s choice to decide which registration process to prefer.

The manual registration will let the user enter their email address or mobile number. The automatic registration will facilitate users to signup/register with the app using their Google account or other popular platforms.

Most importantly, make sure the authorization process is as simple as it can be.

Synchronization of contacts

Chatting with others in the app is possible only when contacts are synced with the app. Therefore, provide the option to sync the user’s phone book with the app. This enables users to find others easily using their phone numbers. It is easy to integrate the Google Contacts API into your app.

User profile management

This feature will let users manage and edit their profiles. While incorporating this feature in your app, make sure the information they provide is organized in a structured way. Also, allow your app users to leave some fields blank as it is not compulsory for them to specify.

Video and voice calls

Obviously, it is a video conferencing app. Apart from offering the video call feature, offer voice calls as these are the basic functionalities of the app. The video call’s quality should be clear and the audio must be very clear and loud enough to hear. This feature is the essential one to focus on as it covers the entire function of the app.

Screen sharing

This feature you should not miss while developing the video-conferencing app as it is essential for giving online tutorials, streaming games, watching movies, presentations, and much more. However, users can use this feature for their official and personal purposes.

Group calls

In recent times, many businesses depend on video conferencing apps for conducting team meetings. Therefore, group calls are as essential as one-on-one video calls. This is one of the main reasons for the success of video conferencing apps.

Push notifications

Users receive messages about the new/unread messages, calls, and update notifications via the app.

Virtual background and hand-raising

Business professionals need to have a professional background. Using the virtual background feature, users can change their background according to their preferences.

During a virtual meeting, it is not good if anyone interrupts the conversation all of a sudden. In such circumstances, individuals can express their urge to talk using the virtual hand-raising feature. This feature is helpful for business professionals as it prevents many people from talking at the same time.


Unstable internet connection is the one most common problem experienced by many people. In such a situation, people can prefer the chat feature through the app. Sometimes, people use this feature during meetings.

Video call preview

This feature facilitates users to enable or disable the video before they join the video call. It is up to their choice.

Video recording

It allows users to record the online meeting and save it on the cloud or local device. Meanwhile, you should not provide access to unauthorized people for security reasons.

Mute participants

This feature is used by the host who initiates the meeting. The host can enable this feature when they do not want other participants to talk in the middle of the meeting. Based on the host preference, they can mute one or more participants who attend the meeting.

Closing note

The need for video conferencing apps has surged to a greater extent overnight. It is projected that the demand for this will not go down. Therefore, considering the Zoom clone app development will be beneficial and you can make a profit revenue from your app in the long run.

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